Zenkit To Do is a teamwork manager for simplicity

Zenkit expands its catalog by launching its own task manager, a simple tool on the outside but that allows organizing individual or team tasks.

The lists have become a powerful ally. Whether you are going to buy something or if you need to know what to do during that day, to-do lists are an essential companion for not forgetting anything we have to do.

What’s more, there is a large offer of applications and tools with which to create task lists and manage them comfortably from your computer, smartphone or from any connected device. Even from your smart watch or bracelet.

One of the most recent is Zenkit To Do, an online task manager with a version for Windows, macOS, iPhone, iPad and Android that will remind you of the already abandoned Wunderlist.

From simple to complex

Your personal or work life is already complicated enough to give it more complexity through an app that, a priori, should help you. So Zenkit To Do inherits the best of Wunderlist to offer a simple and attractive looking task manager thanks to its customizable backgrounds.

Its operation will remind you of other applications related to tasks. From pre-designed trays or lists (Inbox, Assigned to Me, Starred, Today and Week), you can organize your tasks in folders and subfolders. Then those tasks will be seen in their corresponding tray so you can see what you have to do today, during this week, etc.

Otherwise, tasks can include reminders with due dates, include notes, links and attachments … Also, if you were a Wunderlist user you can import your tasks from that service into Zenkit To Do.

Alone or in a team

We said at the beginning of this article that Zenkit To Do is designed for teams. By default you can work alone with this practical task manager, but it is also possible to share tasks and lists with your coworkers, distribute tasks, stay in touch through written notes, etc.

You can use ZenKit To Do for free on teams of up to 8 people, create 100 lists, 10,000 tasks, 20 folders and upload or attach up to 500 MB of files. If you need more, you can opt for paid accounts.

You will find more information about Zenkit To Do on its official page.

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