When and how to use a mask to run?

At last you can play sports! Now we tell you how and when to use a mask to run and promote the non-contagion of the coronavirus.

At the moment, in Spain it is only mandatory to use the mask on public transport, although it is highly recommended in other spaces. Therefore, wearing a mask to run is quite advisable.

When should we wear a mask?

Like everything, it will depend on the circumstances, that is, it is not the same to run through a town of less than 5,000 inhabitants where there are not even time slots to go out, than in the center of Madrid or Barcelona. With this in mind, experts recommend its use when:

  • You train in areas where you meet a lot of people.
  • It is impossible to maintain a safety distance of approximately 10 meters.
mascarilla para hacer running

Recommendations and advice for its use

According to experts, the best option for running is the ffp2 valveless sports masks. It is imperative that we make sure it is not too uncomfortable and does not drown us. In addition, the ideal would be to have more than one, to be able to wash it after each roll.

It is essential to warm up before going for a run, but the mask should not be touched at any time, however annoying it may be.

mascarilla para hacer running

One of the main drawbacks of using it is that it will moisten as you go for miles, so it is recommended to try to do nasal breathing. Since exhaling through the nose produces fewer drops than when we breathe through the mouth, this will help keep the mask drier.

Exercising is a very good idea to calm anxiety, which may be generating the current situation, but if you have never practiced intensity activities, it is not the best time to try.

Remember that you can also do sports at home

If you still don’t dare to do high-intensity exercises on the street, you can start gaining fitness directly at home. If you are a Fusion client and you have the UHD Decoder at home, you will find in Movistar + a great ally to train.

Within the top menu of the screen, in the “Apps” section, you will find the App #We continueConnected with training for runners with Chema Martínez that will help you achieve depth or yoga stretches to work joints and gain flexibility.

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