The definitive file manager for iPhone and Android

If you want to manage your local and online files from your smartphone, in Amerigo you will find everything you need in the palm of your hand.

Unlike what happens with Windows, macOS or Linux, seeing the contents of your smartphone is not so simple. Until the arrival of iCloud Drive, viewing our files on iPhone or iPad was practically impossible except from certain official applications. And on Android, until the arrival of Google Files you had to install applications such as File Manager or Cx File Explorer.

However, third-party file managers are more complete than those officially offered by iOS, iPadOS and Android, as they give access to virtually all folders and content of both the smartphone and external SD memory in the case of Android. An example is Amerigo, available for both platforms and that is an all-in-one.

Amerigo can be downloaded for Android and for iPhone and iPad. Both versions are free but have functions to unlock upon payment. Let’s see everything it offers.

An off-road administrator

Let’s start with the basics: access the content of your smartphone. In that sense, Amerigo gives you access to the local folders and files of your iPhone, iPad and Android, and in the latter case, also to the contents of your SD memory.

And since the main or auxiliary memory is never enough, Amerigo’s second functionality is compatibility with cloud storage services. Not only the official iOS / iPadOS (iCloud) or Android (Google Drive). From a single screen you will see your content hosted in Dropbox, OneDrive, Yandex, HiDrive, OpenDrive, pCloud, etc.

From here, Amerigo provides us with additional functions that we would normally do with two or three more applications, such as an integrated browser that will facilitate the download of files or simply view any page or website, or the possibility of opening ZIP and RAR files that we can find out there or receive by email with varied content.

More interesting features: PDF document editor to include notes or freehand writing, support to preview Microsoft Office files without the need to install official applications, media player that supports video and audio, etc.

And for the most demanding users, if you handle files regularly, Amerigo allows you to use your smartphone as a file server and manage them from your PC or Mac using a URL link and your web browser.

In short, Amerigo for Android and for iPhone and iPad covers the absences of your smartphone or tablet and brings it a little closer to the operation of your PC or Mac, so that you can handle your files more easily and easily.

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