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On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, COIT offers a virtual reality experience to live in first person moments that marked history, such as the function of the telegraph in the sinking of the Titanic or the television broadcast of the arrival to the moon.

The Official College of Telecommunications Engineers (COIT) turns 50, and in order to celebrate it, it has opted for new technologies to showcase the work of engineers throughout history. In this context, he presents “The history of telecommunications as you have never seen it”, a virtual reality experience that allows you to take a tour of historical moments where telecommunication played a key role.

Thanks to VR technology the user immerses himself in a journey in which he will become an active protagonist; You can send the SOS from the Titanic telegraph room at the time of its sinking, live in your flesh the alien invasion that Orson Welles broadcast on the radio, be part of the first telephone connection in history in 1878, or live the arrival from Armstrong to the moon and his television broadcast.

This is an audiovisual production that can be seen in two ways: through an immersive and interactive experience through the oculus rift or using the mobile phone thanks to cardboards and accessing the website created exclusively for this project where we can see the 360º 3D piece. The initiative will travel through different Spanish cities to bring this type of technology to the public throughout the territory.

Havas and New Horizons have been responsible for designing and developing this piece, creating very realistic environments thanks to the composition of thousands of photographs taken from up to twelve cameras. The shots of different devices and technologies from all possible angles turn the scene into a super-panoramic that is subsequently transformed into a 360º video.

The dean and president of the COIT, Eugenio Fontán Oñate, stressed on the occasion of this event that “in a world that needs to communicate to advance, Telecommunications Engineers have a key role in what we have become and especially in what we can be in the future. ”

Miguel Ángel Valero, Director of Ceapat – Imserso, Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, has also joined this idea, who stressed that “the regulation on the Information Society and Telecommunications will profoundly transform the market, and This opens a range of opportunities for the Telecommunications Engineer. ” He has also emphasized the role of women within the sector, since they “provide a different value.” He has said that there are numerous studies that support the positive impact of diversity on innovation, which translates into something beneficial for society.

On the other hand, it has also been wanted to give the alarm about the emigration of engineers and the loss of students enrolled in this specialty, since in recent years it has fallen by 30%. They have recalled that the most important thing for the processes of digital transformation is the human factor and not the technological one, so Fontán Oñate points out that “the COIT is committed to supporting all members and companies in the face of new challenges and challenges in the sector” .

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