How to find your lost or stolen mobile

They say that today we would leave before without the home portfolio than without the mobile. We are able to mount a drama if we feel the pocket or look inside the bag and the mobile is not there. “Will I have left it somewhere? Would they have stolen it from me? ”Many of us have been faced with this situation, but we have the solution. We present a list of applications to help you find your lost or stolen mobile.

Currently, all smartphones have an integrated tracking system, which makes it easy to track these devices. Thanks to Google, the task is much simpler than a few years ago. Whether you have an Android or an iPhone, you can find your mobile through the Google account.

Sounds simple, but how do we do it? You just need the mobile to be turned on, connected to the Google account and an Internet network. This would be enough to easily locate the device from your computer or from another device.

TOP 5 applications to find your mobile

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  • Cerberus: is considered as one of the star apps of Android to protect a device in case of loss or theft. The highlight is that it allows you to perform tasks remotely from the Cerberus website. In addition, if the mobile is not connected to the Internet, it can be controlled via SMS. Another point to underline is that it is possible to do a remote cleaning in case of having sensitive information or data.
  • Prey Anti-Theft: the two most outstanding features of this app is that it is capable of sending data to the owner about the location of the device through WiFi hotspots. It also allows messages to be sent to the “offender” to inform him that he is being prosecuted, as long as the robbery has been reported at the police station.
  • Lost Android: complete and simple. That would be the description of this app. With it you can place the phone on a map or send a message and that it transforms it into an audio that plays at full volume. Many frame it as the best free application to find a mobile.
  • Family Locator: this is a bit different from all the others. Its main objective is to create groups of people with whom to share your location data. It is designed so that children can always be located.
  • iCloud: this app is only for Apple devices. And just open it and click “search.” If the mobile is close, it is possible to ring it to find it more quickly. If, on the contrary, you have lost it, you can block it remotely so that it cannot be used. Remember that this procedure will only work if you have activated the option Search my device.
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