Dubai police have helmets that measure people’s temperature

Faced with the threat of the coronavirus, some have sought original solutions: the Dubai police have introduced helmets that measure temperature remotely.

In the United Arab Emirates, they have used technology to control the spread of the coronavirus. The Dubai Police and the rest of the Emirates have a new tool to monitor infections. These are helmets that measure temperature remotely. In this way, the authorities continuously scan the population for symptoms of fever. But they don’t have to get close to each person to do it.

These helmets that measure temperature do so five meters away. And not only that. They are capable of scanning up to 200 people per minute. If any of them has a fever, the sensor triggers an alarm, which is seen by the police.

The helmets have been manufactured by the Chinese company KC Wearable, which has already sold more than 1,000 to countries in Europe and the Middle East. It is a system to detect possible cases of coronavirus without exposing too much to those who patrol the streets.

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It is one more case of the use of technology as a formula to avoid human contact. The goal is to prevent those who may come across some infected people from getting infected.

Technology to avoid human contact
Systems that favor the use of machines instead of people for certain tasks have been tested in different countries. China has already tried to disinfect the streets with autonomous vans or drones. In both cases, these are formulas where people do not expose themselves. Either the vehicles operate on their own or they are remotely piloted.

Something similar is intended to be installed in the package distribution. Although obviously things are slowing down here. But there are already some companies that have autonomous robots capable of delivering food at home and other products.

It has also been in China where one of the most ambitious initiatives has been launched. It is a hospital where care will be carried out by machines. It is fully automated, in order to avoid exposure to toilets that is not essential.

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