Discover YouTube cooking channels that will make you a great chef

Thousands of users follow the recipes of these kitchen channels. Find out how YouTube can make you a great chef, or at least teach you finger-licking recipes. We recommend some of the most successful channels on the Internet.

“You don’t know how to make a fried egg”, have you ever heard this? Well, this post is aimed at those people who, from the mouth of a family member, friend or acquaintance, have had to listen to jokes about your non-existent culinary skills. We are here to help you, although, to be honest, these cooking channels that you can find on YouTube will surely help you more.

In addition, these YouTube channels are not only for people who do not know how to cook, they are also very useful if you want to keep your diet balanced, or directly learn new recipes. Also, many of these channels are great for improving your diet, measuring calories, and saying goodbye to boring weight management diets.

If you become a subscriber to any of these channels, surely in less than a week you are ready to surprise those funny family and friends with a delicious dinner. Ready to discover the best cooking channels on YouTube? Do you already have the apron on?

It is much more than a kitchen channel. In Tuiwok you can learn, from making a barbecue for Christmas to making the sandwich that makes you Sunday dinner or a delicious fruit smoothie for snacks. In addition, it has a lot of tips and tricks to get around the stove as if you were a professional. Desserts, healthy cuisine, snacks, cocktails …

You will find everything in Tuiwok! His recipes have thousands of reproductions and he has a friendly community of followers who are always ready to help out or discover new recipes.

  1. MJ’s Recipes

With more than a million subscribers, it is probably the most successful cooking channel in Spain. Your secret? Recipes that will make you travel to different countries and times. MJ’s Recipes differs from other channels in its historical recipe or movie specials.

For example, you can find out what Napoléon Bonaparte’s favorite food was, or how Albert Einstein’s favorite breakfast is prepared. You can also learn to cook the Ratatouille recipe that appears in the famous animated movie and others that appear in the world of cinema.

Ok, I admit that you don’t know how to cook, but it’s impossible that you don’t know Chicote. The famous chef opened up landed on YouTube a few years ago and already accumulates more than 300.00 followers. You can learn delicious recipes while you meet a famous actor, film director or athlete.

Chicote, how could it be otherwise, has taken that television style to its channel. Have fun and learn to cook with your ‘culinary interviews’.

  1. LasRecetasDePepa

Oh the grandmothers kitchen! Who has not had a grandmother who prepares dishes that make you cry? With this channel we return to the most traditional cuisine at the hands of Pepa, a youtuber who is a bit far from conventional, but who will teach you how to prepare simple and delicious recipes.

  1. Gordon Ramsay

We put the international and more media touch to this list of cooking channels with the channel of the well-known British chef Gordon Ramsay. Entertainment and gastronomy join YouTube so that, in addition to having fun, you become a chef.

It has almost 15 million subscribers and, in addition to recipes, you can see interesting blogs and interviews. You will fall in love with Gordon Ramsay’s channel, rest assured …

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