Coronamakers: citizens united voluntarily against the coronavirus

3D print medical supplies for hospitals and residences, such as face masks, respirators, or visors. Then, from a web page, they coordinate all the individual actions so that the work reaches the centers that need it.

Many say that this Covid-19 crisis is bringing out the best in us. Disregarding the most negative consequences – evident and of which we have already spoken in other articles -, it is true that the coronavirus is causing a solidarity response from the citizens.

The repeated motto “We stop this virus together”, promoted by the Spanish Ministry of Health, perfectly reflects this situation. Not only because of the double play on words he uses between “being distant to be close again soon”, but also because of his mention of collaboration as a whole, which is exactly what is happening now.

If yesterday we knew first-hand a social initiative, Cyber Volunteers Respond, which promotes the use of technology in these times of quarantine, today we continue to explore this terrain of altruism and solidarity. We do it with the initiative that brings together more citizen volunteers within Spain. His name is Coronamakers.

What is Coronamakers?
It is a network of volunteers that emerged just two weeks ago, in mid-March. Its objective is to help health centers, residences and hospitals, overwhelmed by the sudden avalanche of those infected by coronavirus. In them, health personnel in Spain have been warning for a long time of the lack of material and resources to deal with this exceptional circumstance.

For this reason, thousands of anonymous citizens have decided to support them from their homes. Taking advantage of their knowledge and experience in 3D printing, they have joined this initiative that, despite its youth, has already transcended the borders of Spain and begins to operate in other countries.

They manufacture sanitary products of all kinds, such as masks, masks, respirators, cabins or capnographs. All this in record time. Meanwhile, they communicate via Telegram to coordinate and take the material where necessary. Along these lines, they have also started offering them to other non-health professionals, who are also exposed to the virus.

Its origin and evolution
The origin of the Coronamakers, as we have explained, is quite recent. Specifically, on March 13, when four professionals joined forces to create medical supplies from their homes, which were joined by other volunteers. Just four days later, the Coronamakers numbered more than 1,500 and, two weeks later, exceeded 15,000.

For having a reference with concrete and updated data, this past Sunday, March 29, this citizen initiative provided more than 350,000 visors to health centers.

On their website, they explain that the idea of ​​collaboration together comes from a long time ago, from several decades ago, at least. A name was given in 2005 to this community of curious, tech-savvy people who share their passion and knowledge for learning. According to the Maker Survivenia Manual, the Maker community is based on the “Do It Yourself” concept for the realization of any electronics, robotics and carpentry project. Then share it on this collaborative network.

Do you want to join?
However, the Coronamakers initiative is current to the coronavirus crisis. To join and start providing your services, you just have to access here. If you have a 3D printer and want to collaborate, this is your perfect occasion.

To keep up to date with its evolution, follow their profiles on social networks: on Twitter and Facebook.

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