A video editor for your social networks

The video is important, but to publish it on the Internet you need to edit it. Veed wants to be your video editor to upload videos to social networks.

Although today it is very easy to record your own video from the phone and publish it directly on Instagram or YouTube, sometimes it is convenient to edit it, either to remove a fragment or to improve its appearance. For this we have editing tools on the smartphone itself as well as a multitude of apps in the application stores.

Beyond the smartphone, it is increasingly common to work with videos on social networks in a professional manner, and in this territory it is convenient to use more advanced solutions or that offer better results, as is the case of Veed, an online video editor focused on social networks.

Captioning, inserting images, trimming the edges, including text, removing fragments, accelerating reproduction or applying the slow motion effect… Veed moves between two fields, that of professional results and that of ease of use, something that is not always easy to understand.

Upload, edit and publish
From your computer or mobile device, from Dropbox, from a link or directly from your camera. Veed allows you to upload videos to edit from different sources so you don’t have to download or dump the video to your PC or Mac.

Once the video is uploaded, the process cannot be simpler. From a minimalist interface reminiscent of Instagram, we will see the video to be edited and the editions that we can apply. Alter the playback speed, draw on it, include images or stickers, subtitle a video …

Veed also allows you to add effects or filters so that the video has nothing to do with the one we have uploaded. In addition, at all times we will have control of the video from the playback bar.

And to publish it on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram, Veed allows you to change the aspect or proportion of the video from Canvas Size. Then you just have to download the video by clicking on the Download button or save it by clicking on the drop-down if you want to edit it in the future.

Free or paid
For free, Veed allows you to download the videos in 420p quality and upload them for editing with a maximum size of 50 MB. In addition, the videos will show a watermark, something that happens on similar platforms.

In case you want to use Veed regularly or for professional uses, the paid version by monthly subscription allows you to upload videos of any kind, download them in HD quality and without any brands of Water.

In short, Veed is a video editor for social networks designed for those who want to publish content regularly without fighting with complex solutions such as Adobe Premiere or Apple Finalcut. In addition, together with the classic editing functions, it has more social network options such as stickers or drawings on top of the images.

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